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Deadline For Applications is no later that 5:00 PM on February 1, 2019!
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Farmers’ Electric Cooperative will be awarding scholarships again this year through the Farmers’ Electric Education Foundation. Scholarship applications may be obtained from area high school guidance counselors or from cooperative office locations in Clovis, Fort Sumner, or Santa Rosa. Scholarship applications can also be requested by calling the Clovis office at 762-4466 or 1-800-445-8541. All cooperative members and their dependents are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Awards will be announced within 60 days of the deadline.




This year there are two different scholarship forms. Be sure when requesting a form that you specify either the

Graduating High School Student Application” or the

Returning College Student – Non-Traditional Student Application

Both forms are available from any FEC office. Click the links above to download the PDF file.

The Farmers’ Electric Education Foundation was established by the members of the cooperative in 1986 and is funded through donated and unclaimed patronage capital refunds and donations by private individuals. Only the interest earned on donations is used for scholarships, ensuring that the Education Foundation will continue to support higher education for our members for many years to come. Through 2018, the foundation has awarded 1,203 scholarships totaling $849,730



  1. Available to active members receiving service from Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, Inc. of New Mexico and their immediate families.
  2. Scholarships to be granted to attend an accredited vocational school, technical school, college or university, hereafter referred to as the “institution”.
  3. Applicant must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 point scale and be considered by the registrar to be a full-time student in good standing (minimum of 12 credit hours).
  4. Applicant must be of good character as evidenced by a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation of which at least one (1) must be from a teacher, principal, counselor, etc., from the institution they are currently attending.
  5. Applicants must demonstrate a coherent degree plan and willingness to pursue a course of higher learning.
  6. Economic need of the applicant will be given secondary consideration.
  7. It is intended that these scholarships not be awarded to students ranked number one in their graduating class who may have full scholarships available.
  8. Applications must be received not later than February 1st for a fall semester. Awards will be announced within sixty (60) days of this date.

Scholarships of $500 or less will be paid in full upon Farmers’ Electric receiving written proof of registration from the institution that you will be attending. For scholarships in amounts over $500, the first half of the scholarship will be made payable upon receipt of written proof of registration. Upon completion of the first semester, a letter will be required from the institution certifying that the applicant is considered by the institution to be a regular full-time student in good standing with a grade point level of at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0. When Farmers’ Electric receives this letter and proof of registration for the second semester, the additional one-half of the scholarship will be issued.

This is a one-year scholarship. Persons who wish to receive an additional scholarship must re-apply each year. Scholarships will be awarded on the criteria stated above.

Mail applications to
Farmers Electric Education Foundation
P.O. Box 550
Clovis, New Mexico 88102-0550

Email applications to
Thom Moore, Director of Member Services
thom at fecnm dot org