Office Hours
8:00am-5:00pm (Monday – Friday)

Clovis OfficeFt. Sumner OfficeSanta Rosa Office
3701 Thornton St.618 East Sumner1169 Historic Route 66
Clovis, NM 88101Ft. Sumner, NM 88119Santa Rosa, NM 88435

General information about Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Board of Directors

 District No. 1, Clovis – Billy Tate (Farming)
 District No. 2, Melrose – Ernest Riley (Business)
 District No. 3, Fort Sumner – Mike West (Ranching) President
 District No. 4, Santa Rosa – George Dodge (Business) Vice-President
 District No. 5, Tucumcari & Ragland – Paul Quintana (Ranching)
 District No. 6, Broadview & Grady – John Pat Woods (Farming)
 District No. 7, San Jon & Logan – Donnie Bidegain (Farming)

Front row, left to right: Paul Quintana, Billy Tate, Pat Woods, Donnie Bidegain
Back row, left to right: Mike West, George Dodge, Ernest Riley

  • General Manager, Lance Adkins
  • Office Manager, Suzy Howard
  • Director of Member Services, Thom Moore
  • Supervisor of Billing / Admin Assistant / Benefits Admin, HJ Wallin
  • Line Superintendent 1, Bucky Minton
  • Line Superintendent 2, Darrel Gomez
  • Engineering Coordinator, Michael McCord
  • Purchasing Agent, Ed Thonsbury
  • Information Technology Specialist, Steve Vernon